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“Bring your child to work day”  Why does it matter?

“Bring your child to work day”  Why does it matter?

| April 22, 2021

As you may know I recently became a mom and with my schedule there are days Olivia comes to work with me.  My career as an advisor and my relationship with my clients is important, and a side of me I want my kids to be able to see.

Bring your child to work day had me reflecting on when I was a child, there were many days I went to work with my parents.  My mom ran her own cleaning business. She would sometimes bring me along and have quiet activities for me or would give me some cleaning work to do.  My dad Steve, also an advisor at T Squared, worked many years in his home office, before growing to an office outside the home.  I remember folding letters and sealing hundreds of envelopes for him when he was marketing himself early in his career.  I also remember watching him in his recliner reading textbooks to advance his career.  My foundation for work is based on watching my hardworking parents.  They didn’t just take bring me along, they taught me through their work.

      I am blessed not only to be able to go to work with my parents, but to provide some of the same for my own daughter.  As Olivia grows, I want her to see her Mom at work.  I want her to have that role model of an entrepreneur, hard worker, and leader that I grew up watching my  parents. 

              Why might you want to bring your child to work?  Or share experiences of your previous careers with your children or grandchildren?  These experiences are learning experiences for kids.  Children learn from watching us work or from what they see us experience.  Whether it is how you communicate with coworkers, continuing education to advance your career, and how you lead or help those around you.  This doesn’t mean the child will follow in your footsteps with the same career, but they use what they see as they pursue their professional goals. 

              Work is part of a foundation for finance, it is where we typically earn our money.  Teaching our children the value of work and advancing skills, is an important part of teaching them about money.  There is value in the experiences they will have seeing you, your work environment, what you do, and learning about work through these experiences. 

              2020 turned much of the world virtual.  This created an opportunity for not only children to see their parents’ adapt to new ways of work, but also for parents to see what goes on in the classroom.  Take your child to work day whether once in awhile or on a regular basis can help inspire children and create a foundation for careers, they may pursue one day. Never underestimate the value of the time spent or the experiences shared with your child at all different ages.