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Big Shoes to Fill:  Walking in Dad's Footsteps

Big Shoes to Fill: Walking in Dad's Footsteps

| June 21, 2020

My journey to a career in finance began long before I really knew much, if anything, about financial advisors.  For those that don't know, Steve Tybus, the founder of TSquared Financial, is my dad, my mentor, my biggest supporter and my toughest critic.  For my entire life I've watched my Dad advance in this business. I've watched him study for some of same tests I've taken, as well as some I will work towards.  I've seen his stressed out days taking on client's problems as if they are his own.  His great days, of watching his clients succeed, to the days of loss dealing with client death, mourning the loss with the family.  His care for our clients goes deep.  This career is more than a job, it's a lifestyle, the one I grew up in and now am living.  It is about making an impact, helping other create plans for their goals, helping others work towards their goals, comforting them during difficult times, and being the person they can bounce ideas off of.

As a child my Dad's office was next to our family room.  He would be on phone calls and working hard while my brother and I played in the other room.  He would visit clients in their homes, the same way we still do, and come home late at night well past my bedtime.  I didn't understand his job much at that time, but what I knew was when I needed someone he was there.  This is the same thing I also hear from many of our clients.  They never have a doubt that if they have a question or need to discuss something Steve is there.  Through Growing his business created financial freedom, practicing the same ideas we tell our clients. 

Fast forward to early high-school where I did a project on what I wanted to be when I graduated.  The only thing that came to mind was a financial advisor because it was a career I watched for many years.  As much as the career path intrigued me, I wondered if I could live up to the person I watched my whole life.  I still hear, "you have big shoes to fill." Trust me I know that more than anyone.  I've spent a lot of time with him in many different facets; daughter, friend, coworker, and business partner.  His work doesn't remove the challenge, in a way it adds to it.  Not only do I have to live up to filling those "big shoes," I also want to advance beyond them.  Taking my Dad's foundation to grow this business, continually educate myself, advance with the constantly changing industry, as well as be a role model for my kids some day.

Not only am I taking over my Dad's business over a series of years, he is trusting me with clients and families he has worked with his entire career.  This is not something I take lightly.  I have those nights where I am up thinking about my client's problems, those mornings where I have to get out of bed early because I need to get to work on creating solutions.  

I am so grateful that my Dad not only trusts me with a business and relationships he has built over many years, but also his trust to let me grow in this business.  Continuing onto his legacy, but also making it my own.  Even more grateful, for our clients whom have welcomed me with opened arms, challenged me, and the relationships I am building with them.    

When it comes to transferring the business to me, it is a  slow and thoughtful transition to assure clients that, as ownership passed from one generation to the next, there would be continuity in our philosophy, service, and care.  The time to build the relationships and trust, as well as advance my knowledge both in continuing education as well as through various situations I encounter.      

Happy Father's day to my Dad who gave me a work ethic, a generous caring heart and a career to challenge me.