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Thank you, Dad!

Thank you, Dad!

| June 19, 2022

For over 9 years, I have worked with my dad, which has been the foundation of my career in finance and lead me to where I am today.  My Dad is Steve Tybus, the founder of TSquared, but on top of that he wears many hats in my life.  He has been my dad, my mentor, a consultant to me, and my toughest critic.  If you know my dad, working for him is not the easy route.  He has known me my entire life, knows my strengths and weaknesses.  He challenges me more than anyone else and expects certain standard of work from me because he knows what I am capable of, often pushing me beyond that as well. Growing up, he made sure his kids would have a good work ethic, which is something that has grown even more, through our time working together. 

One of the best parts of working with my dad is although he has guided me, he has let me create my own path.  Though I worked under him for years and as his assistant, I never wanted to stay in that spot, for me that was a launch pad.  I would not reach my full potential there.  Over the years I created and changed the TSquared website, adding things like this blog.  I have worked to advance, educate, and market myself.  Developing the TSquared FB page, doing monthly webinars, and finding new ways to serve TSquared customers.  Continuously learning about this every advancing industry and changing markets. 

Over the years he taught me, not only money management and investments, but the importance of client relationships.  If you understand the person, you can manage their money based on their goals.  He taught me researching investments and the market, though this is a knowledge that needs to be continually built.  This included handling tough markets and even more so the importance of those client relationships during volatile times.  Now is one of those times, where the market is volatile with a potential recession.  For years he told me during tough times, call clients, meet with them, update them, and keep them informed.  Be there to support them. 

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, someone who has supported me, pushed me, and been there along this journey!