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Saving for your future

| July 26, 2019

Each month the bills are do, you pay the mortgage or rent, utilities, credit card, the list goes on and on.  But do you pay the bill that secures your future the most?  Yourself.  Paying yourself first, is putting money into savings each month.  Whether it is a bank savings account, retirement account or general investment account that benefits your future self.  While saving for retirement is important, having savings outside or IRAs, can help you avoid penalties for early distibutions from retirement accounts.

 Savings is a challenge for all, which is why forming the habit is so important.  The most important bill you pay is your savings, so why leave whatever is left, if there is any remaining, from your earning to be saved.  Make your savings a top item on your budget.  By saving you are choosing to put your future and the future of your family first. 

 What can savings do?

Family emergency, retirement, putting the kids through college, unexpected illness.  Having savings and liquid investments protects during emergencies, but may allow you to plan ahead for vacations and not go debt on your family vacations.

Get started today

Start saving today, even if it is just a small amount.  The habit is what can lead you to success for your goals.  Increase the amount annually and when you receive bonuses or a raise.  Have questions on savings or on your personal situation, please contact me directly at 888-567-2202 ext 2 or   

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