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Friendly Fall Visitors

Friendly Fall Visitors

| September 04, 2022

Fall is a great time of year to welcome friendly woodland creatures into your yard, but to catch a glimpse of local wildlife—especially migratory birds and mammals—you’ll need to follow these tips.


Avoid a fall garden overhaul
We all want our gardens clean and free of debris no matter what season, but by uprooting plants and removing dead leaves, vital protection for some of the animals that live there can be compromised. Instead, try cutting leaves and sprinkling them over your garden to use as fertilizer, and allowing weeds and other unwanted plants to wither in the winter.

Flowing water is your friend
In the summer, pools of water, such as birdbaths and ponds, can be a nuisance as they attract pesky insects like mosquitoes. But in the fall, running water is the perfect place for migrating birds and butterflies to relax, and could even entice some larger creatures like deer and rabbits.

Let them eat, fruit
If you don’t already, consider planting some variety of berry bush or fruit tree that are native to your area. Fruiting plants, and even plants that produce nuts and seeds, and are great for bringing birds and small mammals to your yard any time of year. Want to attract something a little larger? Plant an apple tree—which should draw plenty of deer in the fall and winter.

More than anything else, animals need plenty of space to graze, sleep, and raise their young. Though it may be tempting to try and get up close and personal for a photo opportunity, be sure not to crowd any animals that may wander into your yard.


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